Wild At Heart

The title here is taken from the film of the same name by David Lynch. The speaker of the poem is in Sydney but the t-shirt she wears is from Jabiluka. The woman who approaches her seems very smartly dressed – very establishment – but has a great interest in the events at Jabiluka and offers her support.
The Jabiluka protest camp was set up by Aboriginals and environmentalists to protest against the uranium mining at Jabiluka, an area surrounded by Kakadu National Park (a World Heritage site) in the Northern Territory.
The poem therefore contrasts this particular area of Sydney with what must be its extreme opposite in the remote Northern Territory – though both places could be considered ‘wild’ in quite different ways. There is also a quite extreme contrast between the two women with the well-dressed woman being ‘wild’ on the inside despite not displaying this outwardly.
Wild at Heart