Mornington Nights

Mornington Nights draws on memories of nursing in Australia’s Gulf Savannah, contending with a high incidence of alcoholism and all the attendant problems. It is a fictional account of a night shift at a remote outback hospital.
The nurse’s main outback experience is of the drunken stereotype but her colleague increases her understanding of Aboriginal values and the story culminates in the nurse experiencing something of this herself. The lexis provides the reader with further information: in the case of ‘alcohol laced blood’, earlier events of the night whereas ‘…down and is out again’ hints at the depressing future awaiting so many of the young. On the other hand the reference to ‘PC’ is a simple pun on ‘political correctness’ and ‘police constable’. The words have been carefully chosen and ordered for effect with many of the words having possible dual meanings or further inference. The senses are used to provide the reader with a slice of outback Aussie life.
Mornington Nights