Haad Tien

In some ways this might be better placed with Ramblings of Sadness as it is about grieving the loss of self. The speaker feels that the person she thought she was has been lost in the events that have taken over her life. She is grieving the loss of this person and thinks of her as still living, caught up in a happy moment in the past; a separate identity now to the woman she has become.
Haad Tien is, or rather was, a small undeveloped beach on the east coast of Koh Phangan with beach huts and ‘The Sanctuary’ (in its smaller beginnings). It was only accessible by boat from Haad Rin or by trekking through the jungle. A jetty was built in order to make it easier to bring stores and tourists in but it was washed away in storms before it was ever completely finished. The long tail boats would come in as far as possible leaving you to wade the remaining distance, which in rough water could result in a thorough drenching by the waves.
Haad Tien is substantially more touristed now and the accommodations available have grown dramatically. The neighbouring beach had no accommodation at all just a couple of local establishments that served drinks and a few basic menu items. It could be reached from Haad Tien by climbing over the rocks at the back of The Sanctuary and following the jungle track, jumping the odd drop; somewhat precarious at night with only the moon and the narrow track for guidance.
Phi – elder brother, used as a respectful form of address
Bpu – grandfather, used to show respect
Khun Yaai – grandmother, used as a respectful form of address
Haad Tien