Burying Myself

The names used in this piece are a mixture of the real and the concocted.

Srey Roth is derived from the female form ‘Srey’ generally taken to mean girl, combined with ‘Roth’ which can mean either a flower name or an orphan. I combined these two words to make a name that could be interpreted as ‘orphan girl’. Although I have made this name up it follows a popular enough pattern for girls’ names in Cambodia and is therefore plausible enough – at least to the non-native-Khmer speaker.

I named the maid Nuon as it apparently means ‘soft and tender, pleasant’ which fitted with the maid’s character in contrast to the other members of the household.

Srey Roth’s husband is named Ewell – an admittedly clumsy allusion to Bob Ewell in ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ – the deeply racist man who accused Tom Robinson of rape. This gives the reader clues about the sort of man he is…

Burying Myself