About a Piece

Here, under the appropriate titles, I have included a little background information to some of the writings on this blog. This will include an explanation of any foreign words included in the text as well as a brief orientation to, and sometimes some personal thoughts on, the specific work.
The links here (in order of posting) will take you to further information on selected pieces and a link on that page will take you back to the original work.
All pieces are grouped into categories based on basic themes and listed under ‘Poetry’ and ‘Prose’ on the Home Page. Some of the works are organised into categories according to geographical location, some fall into more than one category. ‘Ramblings of Sadness’ deals with bereavement and loss, the ‘Miscellaneous’ category will include any pieces that do not easily fit into any other specific category and ‘En Route’ is concerned with journeys although not necessarily intent on arriving at a specific destination but more about enjoying the experience of travel – be it long or short distance.
I have also included a list of all poems and prose works on the right hand side of the Home Page beneath the category listing to make individual works easily accessible.
First Rain
Phnom Penh
Visiting Battambang’s Killing Fields
Normanton Nights
Wild at Heart
Phnom Penh via Battambang
The Grave in the Road (villanelle)
Dan’s Days (Listing Poem)
Northern Territory Triolet
Haad Tien
On My Way to Work (Triolet)
Alphabet Rhymes (Abecedarian)
The Funeral Band (Rondeau)
Cars (Tetractys)
Going to Work (Triolet Re-structured)
Burying Myself