Playing with Form: Abecedarian

This is really a variation on the form as a true abecedarian would start each line with a word beginning with the requisite letter as opposed to the ‘A is for…’ format I’ve followed here.
Alphabet Rhymes
A is for Ammie a mammy a maid
B is for baby protected by jade
C is the cat who’s asleep in the sun
D is for durian ice cream, yum yum
E is the elephant at Wat Phnom
F is the fun we have playing at home
G is the garden with sand pit we made
H is the hammock that swings in the shade
I am at peace here but this cannot last
J is for junior growing up fast
K is for kindy, left with a sigh
L is lea heuy and a tearful goodbye
M for green mango served with red chilli
N is for nonsense verse, funny but silly
O is for O’Russey shopping and bargains, then
Peking Canteen serving finest dumplings
Q is the quails eggs in packets of seven
R is for rice, a steamed bowl of heaven
S for the sunset seen up at the lake
T is the tuk-tuk the family take
U are the light and the love of my life
V is the violence that causes such strife
W for wat, for widow and woe
X is the place to which I cannot go
Y is the question that runs through my head
Z is the end; endless sleep and you’re dead.

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© Ammie-oy 2010


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