Cambodian Fruit Salad





Photo by: Margaret Mendel

I long for the fresh fruit again:
reaching up for mango, papaya, bananas and water apples—
watermelons piled, pineapples peeled, bananas baked
translucent gob stopper longans,
with beautiful choke stones;
red curling skin of dragon fruit, opening to reveal black flecked flesh
the colour of unwashed lace,
green coconuts in handcarts, machete to lop the top,
straws to drink;
basket bearing trees with prickly
green-armoured jack fruit bending the boughs
heavy with yellow waxy sacks—
mindful of durian but for scent;
fresh green oranges crushed with ice, startlingly sweet—
mauve dimpled lychees hiding translucent white flesh
and a sweetness comparable to the red hairy
rambutans dripping juice, or the
soft velvet white segments of
deep-purple-shelled mangosteen
melting in my mouth,
the outsize pomelo
(none of the bitterness of its hybrid child)
milk fruit, patched purple and green and huge Chinese apples
all neatly polished and piled up in pyramids—
abundant, fresh. I long for the fruit…

Cambodian fruit stall





Photo by: JR

© Ammie-oy 2010


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