The Ties that Bind Us

Leave it till it falls off they said —
a fragile wisp of cotton —
the threads of your life that
wind us together,
breaking, fraying,
wrapping around me, not falling away.
Your life, tied to mine so briefly.
Holding on, binding me,
reminding me
still —
a fragile wisp of cotton
never breaking.
Till it falls off they said.
Binding ties,
never broken,
wispy as web, ephemeral, eternal:
a fragile wisp of cotton enslaves me.
Till it falls off they said,
but you refuse to let me go.


More about this poem
This poem relates to the practice of tying white cotton around the wrists of mourners as part of a Cambodian Buddhist funeral ceremony and how these threads become the last tangible sign, and constant reminder, of the life now gone and symbolise bonds that cannot be broken by death.
The title is not an original phrase and this is supposed to help convey how the person feels so alone, as though this has never happened to anyone before and yet knows at the same time that most people go through this.
© Ammie-oy 2010


2 thoughts on “The Ties that Bind Us

  1. Wow! I love the way it flows, softly, like a thought floating feather like in the consciousness. I the the emotion and feeling, exactly as Kseverny said, “deep with a soft tone.” Very well done!

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