When You Died

Pulling myself up from sleep,
the tattered remnants of a dream
snagged in my mind—
Bleary eyed, knuckling sleep away,
I sit on the day bed,
catch up with my body,
stare blindly out the door—
and I wonder why you were in my night conscious.
So this was when you knew.
Your decisions made,
all warnings given, all goodbyes said
in a transient world inside my sleeping head:
I couldn’t reach you.
All hope lost. Just a peaceful
image of you fading…
That was when you knew that
for you this was over.


More about this poem
This poem is about dreaming of a person just before they died and being disturbed by the dream but unable to recollect the substance of it, only the essence. I used the word ‘conscious’ (in my night conscious – line 9) as this is the term used in psychoanalysis for the part of the mind of which the individual is aware. As in psychoanalysis, the dreamer wishes to examine the ‘unexamined’ or rather, gain full awareness of the thing which remains in her ‘night conscious’ and only accessible to her through sleep.
© Ammie-oy 2010


One thought on “When You Died

  1. Aside from the fact that we both share a common theme, I thoroughly liked the simplicity and the emotions driven by this post. Nice work.

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