I want to make a bargain.
Just something simple:
I could pass your house at six or seven,
as the day blends into night, or
maybe meet in Lucky
and you might realise you can backtrack.
I could kick dust on the road,
race up the stairs with the key I don’t have
and find you with that smile;
wipe it right away with such a thump
you might realise things could change.
A primordial, pre-cordial thump,
to knock the sense into you;
to knock the madness out of you,
then you would know you could change.
I’d knock the life back into you:
the life you didn’t value,
the life that just meant pain.
For this chance I would pay the price.
For this I would bargain.
For this, name your price.

Further information
© Ammie-oy 2010


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